Tuesday, July 13, 2010

half way mark mixtape

because the summer is still going or almost run dry, dependent on how you see it all, of course.

Friday, January 1, 2010

appropos for the astro climate


because you need medical professionals to be honest with you in the new decade.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

knXwl3dG3 - live dublab set 2.24.08

Here at the doctors office, certain interweb localities are of constant interest. If you haven't heard, dublab.com is an excellent source of up and coming new music broken via the web. as a regular podcast subscriber, doc tee takes chances at the dances, and he recommends you to do the same. for instance, check out but one of the many sultry offerings via dublab.com - knXwl3dG3: a philly beatmaker of an astral projectionist nature. if you like hip hop production of the FlyLo, Jel, Quas styling - peep it. though its a set from earlier this year, its got a spacey boom bap thats sort of eternal. check his myspace page too.
live at the dublab studio.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Janelle Monae - Metropolis: The Chase Suite - special edition (2008)

Metropolis: the chase suite - special edition (2008)

This is the ep re-release post signing with bad boy/atlantic records.
Do not sleep on this any longer than the somnabulent doctor T did. 2 years later doc tee wakes up to a concept album to bumrush all other concept albums of the day (but really how many concept albums are out now that are offering up social commentary enclosed within a story about an android who breaks the law by falling in love with a human). The android, named Cindi Mayweather, goes on the run, from bounty hunters set on disassembling her for this infraction. Basically the album is about her odyssey on the lam. oh, and its set in the year 2719. hot.

Sound wise, if you can get down with Sa-Ra Creative Partners, your ears will prick up for a listen.

check the video for "sincerely, jane." it'll getcha.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

myloveilove - Bogdan Raczynski

Dr. T had slept on Bogdan Raczynski. "MyLoveILove", though often quoted as a quick quip during intimate moments, had no sonic bearing for the good doctor until recently.
This album is perfect to engage autumn with, sniffles subdued as the summer fades away, a fling with a inconstant season, that maybe some of us got too attached to. Global climate change keeps playing with our hearts and the seasons make less sense, until you put this record on.
Welcome to the fall of 2009.
(still pertinent though recorded in 2001, how about that?!)
Get in touch with the inspiration behind the record, and why every track is myloveilove, plus the SFweekly review from 8 years back that questioned the sincerity of "the working man's julio iglesias".
For more info about Bogdan, click here, Raczynski.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Blunted in the Bombshelter

The doctor has been bumpin this around the office for a week and a half now, after a solid 9 months of lurking around blogger looking for a download link that actually worked. Behold at last!
(on a side note, at the very moment that the doctor is in preparation to share this gem of a musical mix with the wide world of the internet, he has taken notice that several other blogs of note are also currently upping and re-upping this very offering. Synchronicity exists, even in the blogosphere!)

1. Place in the Sun/Fire Corner/Black Man Time – David Isaacs
2. Flat Foot Hustlin’ – Dillinger
3. Jingle Lion – Lee Perry
4. Walk Rastafari Way – Mikey Dread
5. Destruction Sound Battle – Prince Far I
6. Public Jestering – Winston Blake/Lee Perry
7. Better Version – King Tubby
8. Bad Da – Gregory Isaacs
9. Black Magic Woman – Dennis Brown
10. Throne of Blood – Prince Jammy
11. Lottery Spin – Zap Pow
12. Star Trek – Vulcans
13. Want Me Cock – Owen & Leon Silveras
14. Free Man – The Ethiopians
15. Man in the Street – Don Drummond
16. Don’t Deal With Folly – Prince Far I
17. I Love Marijuana – Linval Thompson
18. Stop the Dubbing – Aggrovators
19. Free from Chains – Prince Jazzbo
20. Sensimelia – Barrington Levy
21. Mission Impossible – Roots Radics
22. Golden Chickens
23. Herb Vendor – Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace
24. Babylon Deh Pon Fire – Truth Fact & Correct
25. Shaft – The Chosen Few
26. Sipreano – The Upsetters
27. Girl of My Dreams – Cornell Campbell
28. Rhythm Pleasure – Jerry Lewis
29. Cocaine – Sly & the Revolutionaries
30. Love Life – U-Brown
31. Voice of Jah – Mikey Dread
32. Teacher, Teacher – Dennis Alcapone
33. DJ’s Choice – Dennis Alcapone
34. King Tubby’s Special – King Tubby
35. Reggae Makossa – Brenton Dowe
36. Rougher Version – King Tubby
37. Cool Down Version – King Tubby
38. Space Flight – I-Roy
39. On the Move – Roland Alphonso
40. Guns of Navarone – The Skatalites
41. Popcorn – The Upsetters
42. None Shall Escape Judgement – Johnny Clarke
43. Freedom Style – Trinity
44. Starvation – The Pioneers
45. African People – Jay Boys


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flying Lotus - Reset ep

FlyLo's ep from 2007. damn sexyness. doctor approved.